On 17 & 18 December, 2018, the Centre for Policy Research is launching the inaugural edition of CPR Dialogues, a multi-disciplinary policy conference that will bring together leading academics, policy practitioners and other stakeholders to engage in a robust, evidence based dialogue on the most critical public policy questions of our time. 

  • How can India meet its energy needs as a growing economy while shifting toward cleaner energy?

  • How can India manage its urban transformation so that it builds inclusive, sustainable, green 21st century cities?

  • How can India overcome the twin challenges of declining agricultural productivity and weak human capital to create productive jobs in a rapidly changing 21st century economy?

  • How can India leverage its technology advantage and create an innovation eco-system while protecting individual and community rights?

  • How should India respond to shifting geopolitical trends and re-position itself in a changing global order?

India today is at the cusp of significant developmental transitions. Choices made, as India negotiates these transitions, will fundamentally shape its future developmental trajectory. These choices are wide-ranging and require negotiating multiple and often conflicting socio-economic demands. The policy challenge today lies in identifying appropriate pathways and institutional mechanisms to negotiate these transitions and set India on a path toward a sustainable, inclusive future. India is not alone in confronting these challenges. Many countries across the globe are facing similar challenges and India has much to learn from their experience.

To debate these issues and learn from global experience, CPR presents the 2018 edition of CPR Dialogues on the theme 'Navigating India's 21st Century Transitions'. The 2018 Dialogues will bring global experts from countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Russia, Egypt and Nigeria to engage in a conversation on the challenges and opportunities for India as it charts a new path toward a 21st century development future.

Panels at the Dialogues will cover themes including climate change policy, air pollution, energy transitions, jobs, the relationship between technology and public policy, India's urban trajectory, shifting trends in domestic politics and geopolitics.

This is an invite only conference. The conference will be livestreamed through CPR's Facebook page.